Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Dinner Party

When I was in Paris the last time, I took a cook-and-go course and what amazing things we made! Over the weekend, I tried to do a rendition of one of the dishes we made, which was to wrap mozzarella cheese and salmon with pesto sauce (I think) in a really thin baking sheet and pop it in the oven for about 15mins till the wrapping is brown and crispy, and boy did it taste goooooood! So I tried my best to find alternatives over here. I couldn't find that thin baking wrap, so I used spring roll skins as a subsititute. Also, instead of using salmon like we did the last time, I wanted to try it with scallops and shrimp. As for the sauce, they gave us ready made sauce so I kinda just used my own sauce.
I had wanted to do a nice dinner for Julien that evening, so I tried to do rice salad that I had learnt from Thomas at one of the parties we went to together. Thought that would go well with the fried stuff. I pretty much followed Thomas recipe. Couldn't find long grain rice so I used normal Chinese rice, olives and tomatoes. And I added in corn, japanese cucumber (great alternative to zucchini, also known as courgette) and tuna flakes. All this mixed with a generous amount of balsamic dressing, some salt and pepper.

Okay, so there was good news and bad news. Bad news was I had made way too much for two people. And when I tried to deep fry the packages, they all burst out at the bottom. SO they all ended up broken and ugly. The good news, is Jimme and Yihmay called at the right time, and so they popped over to help us with dinner. Turned out I made just enough for four! Also, even though the packages were all broken and didn't look very presentable after having gone through the pan, they retained their taste! And everyone loved it!

Best news was, we finished all the food. Greatest compliment to anyone preparing the food I'd say. Hehehehehe.... What started out as a romantic dinner for two, turned out to be a great dinner party for four, ending with ice cream dessert, compliments from our guests. =)

I'll definitely try something again soon.

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