Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I'm on mc today with a whopping 39.4 degrees fever the day before. After almost more than an hour wait at the clinic, I pop in to see the doctor for 5 mins and she gives me a medical certificate (mc) for 2 days. Today, and tomorrow. Only thing is... tomorrow is a public holiday. The only consolation I can draw from all this so far, is that her medication is really effective. I took my dosage for the evening yesterday and this morning, I was feeling much better. Before that, I couldn't get out of bed to get myself a glass of water, let alone use the toilet.

But that aside, it's not really the purpose of my post. Well kind of, in a way. I was starting to get bored so I looked through some old pictures of ours and there are some I'd like to share.

Found a picture of our kitties when we first adopted them!!! They were sooooooo TINY and scrawny then, we could hold each of them with just one hand!!! Fast forward a year later, and look at them now...

Someone even once asked if Mouse was pregnant, not knowing his gender of course!!

But the series of pictures that made me laugh most were these ones I took of Julien shortly after we got married. It's one of those things where you're starting to adjust to each other's sleeping habits, living habits, etc etc. And I'm usually an early sleeper which means I wake up earlier, whereas Julien can stay up really late usually to do his stuff but he'll sleep in as well, especially over the weekends. And the fact that he's a heavy sleeper doesn't really help. So I remember trying to wake him up on that weekend, wanting to do some romantic couple stuff, and he just wouldn't. I believe he didn't even hear me. SO I got bored and had to find something to entertain myself with. Hence , this...

I thought he might wake up after from that, but he kept on sleeping, so I kept on drawing until I actually created a family. And he still didn't budge. He didn't feel a thing!

Since there was no more space at the bottom to draw, I had to find new canvas... and after looking around for a while, I decided to start from the top. This time, I thought to myself, He'll DEFINITELY wake up. It was for sure - the ultimate. Still NOTHING.

He slept right through the whole art directing and photo-shoot, and even woke up (much later) walking around the house like that for a while before realising something was different.

Not to worry, our sleeping habits are almost in sync now, hence no more such pranks since. It was fun while it lasted.... =)

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micheltdt said...

Nice post!!! La nostalgie n'est plus ce qu'elle était.