Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Surprise

'Keep your weekend free.' Was what Julien told me. That was it. He didn't tell me where we were going, or what we were going to do. I tried to fish for information by telling him I need to dress for the occasion, and hence he SHOULD tell me if it's going to be sunny, or if I should wear something nice. Nothing. He wouldn't tell!

So, I packed for ALL occasions.

My Saturday started out nice already since The Yeti was going to meet me after my French classes, which is rare, so he could take me to the secret location. The anticipation was overwhelming yet it was so exciting for me. I was actually more happy that Julien took the time to plan out a surprise for me! =)

As we rode on east, I was really trying to guess where he would turn, or in which general direction he was going. He knew I was going to do that, SO he took a really long detour to our destination just so I would not be able to guess before hand. Anyways, we finally pulled up at the Changi Village Hotel. I was ecstatic!

What a good break from the unpacking and organising of the house. We totally took advantage of our stay and sat by the pool almost all day. And the next day, since we missed breakfast, we decided to have a nice buffet brunch instead.

Thank you Yeti!!!!!

The hotel room

This was just dessert

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