Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our New Sofa Bed!

This just arrived this morning, so we (the ikea delivery people helped us) took all the existing furniture out of the room, shifted the existing cupboard to the space beside the entrance which you cannot see here, and placed the sofa bed. It's bare, but already it looks like something. Now to see what I want to keep and what I want to throw out. I should have taken a before picture. But, I forgot.

We have a guest room now!! Yippee!!!!

Sidenote: I want to say, the ikea delivery people were wonderful! There was no way I could shift the cupboard where I wanted it, since it was pretty heavy, and they did it for me! they even realised that the screws in the cupboard had not been screwed on, so they did it for us too! There was a cupboard door that was not fixed right so it wouldn't open or close properly, and it had a screw or two missing, Guess what? They fixed it for us! I'm very impressed!!! So impressed we turned on the air conditioning for them while they worked the fix the cupboard, shift out the single bed that was in the room, shift in the sofa bed, and fix it. We also gave them as much ice cold water as they wanted, and we tipped them in the end even though we didn't really need to. Somehow, it just felt right. We had a really good feel about these two guys that delivered the couch to us.=)

I'd like to show you the rest of the house, but it's still in a huge mess. Patience!!!

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