Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

T'was my birthday just last Sunday, (inching my way closer to the Big 3) and I'm realising I'm so blessed! I have such a blissful life with a wonderful yeti that I'm madly in love with and whom I'm going to share my life with. I have a wonderful family who love us both and have been very supportive and helpful with the wedding preparations this August. I have great future parent in laws who think about me and remember my birthday! And I've got great friends to party the night away with. Who cares if I'm almost 30 in 2 more years?

We had a great party on saturday evening. It's been a while since we all had a barbecue so we decided to organise one and fire up the grill. Great food. Great company. Great music. It couldn't've been a more perfect way to spend the eve of my birthday. A couple of hours before midnight, Julien had handed me my first birthday present. It was a magnet that blinked lights which screamed "Birthday Girl". I had to wear that for the rest of the night, which I didn't mind of course.

We partied on for the rest of the evening till it was midnight. That's when they presented me with the birthday cake all lit up singing the birthday song. It's always nice to spend your birthday with the people that you love and who love you. Another birthday gift was given to me this time with a card.

I was told that Julien had done all the organising, to buy the cake and gifts. For my second gift, his initial idea was to get me a doll house, since I've been telling him ever so often that it would be nice to have our own place eventually. But they couldn't find the perfect one, so Julien got me a large book filled with ideas and pictures on how to decorate your home!!! Perfect!!!

The question that remains a mystery to me till today is, How did he do it? - We see each other every other day. If he were to be exceptionally late, I would know. But life went on as usual. So how?

The next day, on my actual birthday, I woke up to this really nice email sent to me by Julien's parents. After which we adjourned for lunch with my family. More presents!!!!

Ahhhh... Life is beautiful...


Asnieres France said...

Hello, thanks for these comments on your birthday, on Cats, and on Malacca Day 2!!! We are not surprised about Julien's eggs tastes, since he always loved basic boiled ones simply with bread and butter!
All the best, love from both of us.

Tinker said...

Love & Kisses to you both. You probably already know that I won't be able to join Julien in June. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Dec!!!