Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CATS in Singapore !!!

Julien was raving about Cats the musical that he saw at Broadway when he was 15. So when it came to Singapore again this time in April, he wanted me to watch it too.

We both love operas and musicals. I've watched a couple myself. The Sound of Music, Turandot, Oliver Twist, just to name a few. They were all great, and so I was expecting nothing less from Cats last Friday.

It was a really nice "date" we had. It felt like one anyway. We both made an effort to leave work earlier for dinner, also to just chat and laugh over a banana waffle. Why should couples stop dating even after they get married right?

So we made our way up to our seats, and got comfortable. Just as the lights went off and it was all quiet before the musical started, Julien turned to me and whispered, "Oh by the way, Happy Pre Birthday Sweetheart..." - My heart melted like butter on a hot stove.

Took me a while to orientate myself again. Then Cats blew my mind away.

I loved how the cats came out from where the audience was sitting to involve them. During the break, they came up to our level as well, and jumped around the seats, looked through bags, as cats would do. It was awesome. Guess what.. we forgot our camera again!

Favourite cat: Munkunstrap played by Shaun Rennie. His voice is simply captivating.

Here's a clip of him singing at a charity event that raises funds for leukaemia research, after losing his younger brother to the disease 4 weeks ago.

The Best Pre Birthday Present Ever!

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