Friday, November 21, 2008

Week-end is coming!!

Hi All,

I haven't posted all week, but it's just because we're quite busy. Everything is fine. We enjoyed time with Ting's sister this week as her parents are away in Malaysia. We took her to see Chihuahua last night. Not my favourite film, but the youngest of us enjoyed it I think, and that's what matters right?

Nothing much planned this week-end. Just lazing and booking the hotel for the wedding. We finally came to an arrangement that suits us. But we have to fill the room up so don't fail on us on the 15/08/2009! I know the invitations are not sent yet, but it doesn't mean we're cancelling. We're just disorganised.

That's all folks!


micheltdt said...

Enjoy a good and lazy week-end!

Chrystelle said...

And what about an abdominal training ?

The Yeti said...

you must mean abnormal training?

micheltdt said...

Aucun nouveau message depuis le 21 novembre, je suis en manque ! A+