Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor Kitty

I was in Siam Reap, in the middle of the beautiful stone structures you see in pictures. The sun was scorching but I didn't care. Julien was burnt and wanted to leave, and then BLAM!!!

I shot out of bed realising it was just a dream. The loud crash wasn't though. I glanced at my watch on the night table. Shit. It's 3am. Julien was out of bed already checking the scene. It came from the kitchen. We were greeted with broken glass splinters scattered all over the kitchen floor, and a small puddle of blood. Who was hurt? The blood came from Mouse. He had stepped on a broken glass and cut his paw pad quite deep. We looked at the wound, and it was a mess. We were more worried if there was glass splinters in his wound but he seemed ok. We cleaned up the wound and it eventually stopped bleeding. Thank goodness. Let's 'monitor' the situation and see how it goes tomorrow morning we thought, and went back to bed.

I woke up next morning with blood paw prints on the bed, floor, couch and every other place Mouse had walked on. And I panicked! It's the first time this ever happened, and I guess the only thing we knew to do was to bring him to the vet. Cat behaviour is really interesting to watch. We put mouse in a box and closed the door. Panda knew something was happening when he saw Mouse in the box but he wasn't quite understanding at first. He kept going to Mouse and sniffing him through the door. Then we took Mouse out of the house. That's when Panda started to Meow really loud and low. Like as if we were taking Mouse away and never coming back. I didn't quite have the heart to leave him like that, but we had to get Mouse's paw checked. So we did. We could hear him meow still while waiting for the lift.

The vet told us he needed 2 stitches. And because he had eaten something in the morning, we had to leave him there to fast for a bit before the operation. Mouse I realised is really well behaved and gentle when we're around, even with strangers. Just as long as we're around too. Julien had warned the vet that Mouse can get aggressive when he's alone, especially around vets. Earlier on, I had carried him while the vet was cleaning up his wound, and Mouse didn't even flinch! So the vet said he wasn't too worried. Boy was he wrong.

We left Mouse there, and when I picked him up after, I was disappointed. Not with my cat but with the service or lack of it at the clinic. Or maybe my expectations are too high? I don't know. It's my first time. The vet admitted mouse was a little hard to manage after we left. I don't blame him. Who likes to be left alone with doctors before surgery? I got home, and let Mouse out, and was shocked to find that he had vomitted in his box but they didn't clean it up for him, and I think he was nervous cos he pooed a little as well. He had already done his big business in the morning.

Panda was elated when I brought Mouse home. He could smell medication on Mouse, and knew he wasn't well. So all day, he just followed Mouse around and licked him, while he ate, while he drank, while he lied down, etc. It was so cute. He was happy Mouse was back. =) These kitties are amazing.

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