Sunday, November 1, 2009

Such a Tinker moment.

My mobile was running low on battery one morning since I had completely forgot to charge it the night before, or maybe I did but forgot to turn on the switch (another Tinker moment). So while in such a rush to get to work on time, I took with me the charger. Only it was the wrong charger... but of course I had not realised it yet. My phone charger's the traditional 3 pin plug with the tiny point at the end. I took my ipod charger with the usb cable.

I went to the office, took out the cables, plugged it into the computer still (I should have realised by now that it was the wrong charger I took because the phone charger is a 3 pin plug. There was no way I could have been able to plug it to the computer), and only realised it was the wrong charger when I tried to fit the other end to my phone!

Asked Julien why he didn't tell me I had taken the wrong charger all this time because he had seen me take the ipod charger not the phone charger with me, when I was already saying I wanted to charge my phone. His response.. nothing. I couldn't get him to stop laughing. All I could grasp through that laughter was "...Still... - ...tried to charge phone... - ...after... - ..cable". *Squint*

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The Yeti said...

That did make me laugh a lot. And I can't remember you telling me you wanted to charge your phone, I assumed
you wanted to charge your iPod.
Still trying to plug your phone on it! Haha!