Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Yeti's parents in Singapore!

Long time no seen, huh? We have been very busy recently as my parents were in Singapore from 4 to 12 February. It was nice to see them, and I feel they had a good time in Singapore...

But let's start with the beginning: their arrival at 6.30pm in Changi

Of course they were tired but we still managed to go out for a meal after checking them in the Amara Hotel. It's a nice hotel that I would advise to people who have enough budget... Our first night was in honour of my Tinker's culture as we had Peranakan food! A little place called "Blue Ginger" on Tanjong Pagar Road very cosy and friendly. I was pleased to taste some of the delicacies and I think Mum and Dad were just too tired to really understand what was going on. My Dad even let me pay the bill (the only one of their stay, but still it says something!). So Ting and I decided to let them go to bed...

The hotel had put them in a room that had a really high window. At first when I saw it I told them they should ask to be changed, but "no, don't worry, it's fine". Well they should have listened to my advice. At 4am, Dad couldn't sleep because of some air-con noise from outside... He was tired from the trip and I don't know how he managed to stay calm, and so he phoned the reception. The hotel manager on duty came immediately to the room, and to my parent's big surprise immediately said "ok, we change your room". As stunned as they were they followed through the corridors of the hotel with the bell man carrying the heavy cases and were put up in a really nice room with a beautiful view... on buildings! You're in Singapore, what do you expect? I'd still like to give my thumbs up to the Amara Hotel who's reaction was unheard of from French people.

The next day, my parents came to meet me at Raffles Place where I work. Dad wanted to get some tailor made suits, and Mum wanted to visit the office. We also had to get a prepaid phone card for them as Dad's Blackberry failed him... You'd have to check the details with his IT manager.

First stop was at Tony Doulatram's at the Arcade. He's the tailor where I usually go to get some suits done, and he's good at selling things... From one suit wanted, my dad finally left with 2 suits, 1 pants and a few shirts! They were ready within one week.

That afternoon they went to rest at the hotel, jet-lag takes at least 2 days to get over. And at night we had dinner with the Chew family at the Raffle town Club. My parents discovered the wonders of Chinese new year in Singapore (Yusheng, dried oysters that we all nearly spat on the table, except Ting's Dad who had two helpings!). The first dinner reuniting two families is always awkward at first, but soon everyone had relaxed around the table and the evening was very enjoyable. Ting and I were relieved to see that our parents got along together, we were kind of fearing some culture clash... But the second thing would be to leave them together without us to help translating (Singlish to English and Franglish to Singlish that is...) which happened the next day as they all went to the zoo together while we were working!

You can see on the picture that it all went pretty fine although the hats are not exactly matched.

My parents told me after that they had a great time at the zoo, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the crocodile really impressed both of them. As soon as Dad puts his pics online I'll give you the link, but once again the IT manager has to get, unwillingly, involved.

We were not allowed to participate that day at all and we met my parents again the next day to visit the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which will hold our wedding... I think this will be for an other post... Be patient!


Mum & Dad from France said...

We did not expect becoming celebrities on your blog!!! We are now looking forward to reading the continuation of our Singaporian adventures... All the best to both of you.

The Yeti said...

If you have any stories to add please tell us!