Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women Can Enjoy Ironing

Hi Everyone!!

I know, I know, I am a little late on posting my first blog. But better late than never.

I'm actually on medical leave today. I have been falling sick on and off ever since we moved here. So today's one of those days again, and I thought why not contribute to the post.

Moving is... not difficult, but neither is it easy. It took us a total of about a month to really settle in and get our furniture where we want them to be. It's finally a place we can proudly call home, for now, and we love it!!! It does look very different from how it was initially. Many changes we had to go through as well. For me personally, I had to get adjusted to being more independent. We did our own washing and ironing, and I never knew ironing could be this back breaking! I will confess that I have never had to really do my own ironing for the longest time, since we had a maid back home. The only ironing I really did was way back in school during Home Economics Class, where they taught girls how to cook, sew, iron, and do the housework. (For our French readers, yes, this curricular does exist in school as a subject. )

So, having said that, believe it or not, the first time I ironed Julien's shirt, I made a bad choice of selecting his Spark Taylor shirt first. For many who don't know about his Spark Taylor shirts, they crease too easily and I heard even the professionals whom he sends his shirts to be ironed told him that this particular make of shirts are a challenge. I didn't know, and therefore I took 30mins to iron just that one shirt.

I have since improved. grin.

Thinking back on this reminds me of how sweet Julien was one weekend to offer to help me iron some t-shirts (after I had finished ironing the work shirts of course), and through just watching him, I learnt that you can choose to have fun with something as simple as ironing by just enjoying the process. This is what I mean... Enjoy!


The Yeti said...

This is a scandall! My image is being used without my consent!

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pour une fois que tu bosses